It’s been so long.

So very long. I haven’t been able to knit in forever. I mean I knit a cuff of a sock during the fall semester last year, but I really do not count that. And let’s not even mention how long it has been since I touched my wheel. The ply I had on the bobbin of the wheel is really rested now.

It’s just been a hectic year with so much drama. And will be even more hectic with a move in my future and still going to school. 

Here is the problem. I’ve just been in a rut. I’m 23 years old and though I know not to rush things, I just want to be done with school and move on with my life. I’ve been in school for too damn long because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and then in the end I will only come out with my bachelors, even though I committed the time needed for a masters.

Anyways, I’ve always had the time to knit, but have chosen not to. Here is the beauty of knitting, once you get in a groove, you can just think. Here is the downside, once you get in the groove, you can just think. I really just did not want to sit down and have a moment to harangue myself on my life and all the choices I’ve made. This would also make me come to hate whatever I was knitting.

OHMERGERDSUNSHERNEBut obviously I sat down anyways and began to knit the Echo Flowers Shawl. The shawl is a nice reprieve from everything I have been experiencing. It is complicated enough for me to be focused on the pattern, but not difficult in any way that makes me feel like I’m having an aneurysm on over row. I’m looking for a job and this little shawl has helped me to keep me from neurotically checking my phone, thinking that every email or phone call was a potential employer. 

I’m deeming this my sunshine shawl. Because I swear, this Malabrigo Lace in Sunset is like hairy sunshine! I will say though, I would not recommend this yarn for this pattern. I feel like because this is a single ply, I’m going to lose my mind later on in the pattern because, though I have never done nupps, I’m afraid that the nupps will just shred the yarn apart. But others have done it successfully so I am pushing through.



Sweet things

With the stress of school, family, and work, sometimes I have to force myself to appreciate the little things because they pass by so easily.

Fruit may not be excellent,
but a little Splenda turns this snack right around.

It was a super hot day,
but that makes for some pretty sunsets.

Getting through a long commute to Philly is a pain,
but it’s one of my favorite places to be.

Coworkers can start a lot of drama,
but they have a lot of heart even when they got to get up at three AM to feed babies.

Friends are usually far away,
but we always find ways to see each other.

I truly am blessed, sometimes I’m just too blind to see it.