When I went to Rhinebeck I brought along the mentality that I was going to go overboard. I was going to empty my meager budget on fibery goodness and no food or hotel.

This actually held me back! I think….

I only bought one hank of yarn and that was Socks That Rock. Had I not seen it, I think I would have went the whole weekend without buying some yarn. What truly attracted me was all the fiber. You can buy yarn in your local store, but fiber is a whole different story.

So what did I get from the drug dealers pushers vendors?

This is from Clover Lear Farms. It’s four ounces of blue face leicester in the colorway of Triberry Pie.

Also from Clover Leaf Farms, this is an 80/20 mix of wool and silk in the colorway of Red.

I spotted the Loop booth and just had to visit! I had been eyeing Loop’s goods for a long time in her Etsy shop, I never got the courage to shell out that sort of money. Since I finally got to see the fiber in real life I wasn’t as skeptical and was very pleased. I ended up choosing something pretty modest when you compared it to her other rovings. It’s called Purple Mounzins and is 4.6 ounces of alpaca, merino, corriedale, bamboo, tussah silk, silk noil, angelina, and wool and cotton nepps. It looks like a batt, but it’s actually a center pull mass of roving!

I can’t remember the farm which this fleece came from, but it’s three pounds of Teeswater/Coopsworth.

This was purchased from the fleece sale, and it’s five pounds of Romney from Brookworks Farm.

After all these fiber purchases, two things happened. The first was that my fiber obsession was reignited in a new way and I immediately broke out my spinning wheel as soon as I got home. The second was that I had no room for my new goods, so I needed to make room!

I got out some blue Meriboo roving from my local yarn store and spun up this little number.

It’s a navajo-plied yarn made up of 70% merino and 30% bamboo. It has varying shades of blue with little bits of white peeking every once in a while. It’s approximately 115 yards, 3.9 ounces, and has 9-11 WPI.

The roving came from PigeonRoofStudio’s Etsy. It’s 4.1 ounces of superwash merino in the Caffeine colorway. I’m a little dissapointed because the colors were so sharp in the roving and they have dulled out quite a bit on the bobbin, or so it seems. That might be a completely different story once I ply it, either way, I’m sure I will love it.

Hopefully, I’ll make a dent in spinning some extra room for my new goods and finally start consistently stocking new things in my Etsy shop.


Gold Nugget Handspun

Some laceweight yarn spawned from boredom and a Project Runway marathon.

Hand-carded batts from Hobbledehoy’s Etsy.

Music in the sky