THE resolution list

I took the time to finally sit down and plan out the things I would truly like to accomplish this year. Sure, I’d love to lose twenty pounds, but that hasn’t worked any other year. This year I’m aiming for more manageable goals.

1. As stated previously, a yarn destash. I have the opportunity soon to move accross the country and I don’t want to move again with four boxes of just yarn. I’m a military brat as well and have moved a lot. If I have too much of something I start to get panicky.

2. Knit a sweater.

3. Learn colorwork.

4. Try beads in knitting.

General life-wise:
1. Reduce clutter. I live with my parents! I should not have this much stuff!

2. Start saving more! If not for emergencies, then for this move.

3. Read more. I found that I’m a happier camper if I take the time to just relax. I might log all the books I have read for 2011.

4. College GPA. This one is the toughy. I’ve had a very terrible college experience. I’ve only had four semesters and two of those were overtaken by multiple illnesses, including mono. The other I had to deal with a long-term relationship break-up and stalker. So I’ve only had one semester to really be dedicated to my studies.

2011 is looking to be a great year! What are your resolution goals?


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