It’s enevitable.

Even when I discovered early on that few resolutions are actually fulfilled, I can’t stop making them.

I got sucked into the Flash Your Stash 2011 thread on Ravelry. I suddenly got the urge to have my yarn storage regurgitate all its wooly contents on my full-sized bed.

It’s not that bad. It’s not that bad.

Yes, it’s bad.

I have a six cubby system. One holds handspun, another holds fiber, another holds works-in-progress, and the rest holds the other insignificant parts of my stash. Apparently, I play skilled games of Tetris to fit all of the stash inside.

As I was pulling things and really evaluating my stash I realized that I needed to purge. Not just the volume, but the variety. I realized that I was beyond the big box craft stores standard acrylic yarns and I was onto bigger and better things with my new knitting skills. The nice thing about it though, is now that it’s all been pulled out I’m seeing combos of colors and textures which will make it tremendously easier to think of projects that take up so much yardage.

I can already see three blankets I can make to add to the other two I plan to donate to Project Linus. Hopefully I can do some good while aiming for peace of mind when trying to attack the wooly stash monster at the end of my bed. Maybe since I talked about it, I can be held accountable.

We’ll get to the three fleece boogy men that are under my bed at another time.


4 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. That is one fabulous stash! Please assure me that you jumped on it all at least once?!

  2. Ah….so now the truth is out. Your stash is actually LARGER than this…more is lurking under the bed in the form of fleece!

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