Rhinebeck 2010

One of the appeals of coming to the northeast was the fiber community. There is a significant population of people who are more appreciative to fiber here, than there is in Texas. In Texas there is nothing like Rhinebeck and I had to wait patiently for three years to finally come.

I came, I saw, I spent.

I was geeking out the night before. I packed all my things and researched Ravelry for tips and tricks. Packed so much food from home so I would have more money for other goodies.

I set out from south NJ and as soon as I entered the Hudson region I was stunned by the colors of the trees and the mountain line.

The first thing you WILL come across is the vendor buildings. I believe there were about ten or more, and one of the buildings had a second floor! Oh jeez…

Many sold knitted goods…

to accessories and cute buttons…

to lots of yarn, fleece, and luscious fiber goods!

There were two breed display buildings and two buildings for, I suppose, holding for auctions and competitions.

There were many lovely demonstrations!

There were auctions…

and meetups (can you spot Casey?)…

and preparation for competitions!

There were many competitions, such as the sheep to shawl competition…

a photography competition…

the fleece competition and sale…

and, of course, the knitted garment competitions! The cardigan in the front is knitted by Cat from the Letsknit2gether podcast!

I had a fantastic time, although I’m sure my bank account hates me. I was a Rhinebeck virgin so I am sure I missed so much, even though I tried to fill my day to the brim.

I did not get too much yarn, because there was so much fiber there I could never find anywhere else.

One tip to you. If you do go, plan to leave an hour or two early if you can stand to. On saturday, the parking lot was jammed and I was stuck in my car for an hour and a half. Most events repeat for sunday, so you probably could scoot out early and explore the area.

I had an amazing time and I hope to meet you there as well!


8 thoughts on “Rhinebeck 2010

  1. I love all your pictures (in my neck of the woods the equivalent is Wonderwool Wales)… looks like a fabulous day out! and those Autumn leaves are beautiful 🙂

    • Thank you! It was a great weekend and the weather was as obliging. Last year, I heard, was rainy and freezing. So my first time went really well.

      I would love to attend WW, I wonder how much different it would be.

  2. Great pictures! You captured it. This year was my first year at Rhinebeck too and it was overwhelming!

  3. It looks soooo interesting! What I pity I am so far from it…

  4. Love the sheeps!
    I so wish I lived in the US… Because it looks like so much fun 🙂

  5. I am always so jealous of the folks who make it to Rhinebeck!

  6. Beautiful pictures! You did a great job at summing up the experience (and making me wish I could go to Rhinebeck).

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