My family and I recently moved from the Houston area. This was a change that was greatly welcomed after my father’s transfer was approved. We have been stuck in Texas for twelve years and it has been one arduous journey the whole time.

We actually transferred from Hawai’i to Texas, and as soon as we landed we wanted to turn right back around. Houston, Texas may be great for some but not for us. The only positive quality was the accessibility of Houston and all it has to offer, but even then Houston was lacking.

Our next destination is New Jersey, but for now we are in Tennessee with my grandmother and what a pleasure it is. I mean it is a beautiful change of scenery. For us in Houston, everything was so flat and there was little to look at and little wildlife to see. Here in Tennessee there are trees, and hills, and, my goodness, lightning bugs! It’s nice to be jogging along and see the neighborhood sparkle and see little rabbits run from me. I mean even the bugs are more attractive. Though the ticks are not.

I’m ready for New Jersey and to go to a university. I’m ready for wonderful new experiences and maybe to finally get out on my own. I say hip hip hooray for change.


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