FO – Eva

So I’m still pushing through the Girasole. There’s charts A-G, and I am on E. The chart has to be done three times and I’m beginning the third time. Then there is chart F, and chart G that has to be repeated twice. Then the edging and I’m all done.

It’s really not a lot but I’m slow and have a terrible attention span.

So, in need of an FO since the Girasole is going slow for me, I finished Eva’s Shawl. I actually finished this in July but I finally got around to taking pictures!

Pattern: Eva’s Shawl [PDF]
Yarn: Pink Lady laceweight from Knitty Dirty Girl’s Etsy
Hook: Size H
Completion Time: June 20, 2009 – July 26, 2009

This was originally for me as a way to add some color to my wardrobe but my mother saw the colors and the word COVET shot out of her eyes. Which is fine since I’m not big on pink, especially hot hot hot pink like this.

So when she’s at work I’m going to surprise her.

This is the first thing I have ever blocked for real. I am definitely buying some lace blocking wires.

The pattern was easy but I think it turns out a great FO. And I’m glad I added the border.

Hopefully my next FO will be the Girasole. Which I hope to finish by my parents anniversary or our trip to Portland, OR.

And it’s been rainy here in the Houston area. It is the lovely dreary rain not the FULLY BLOWN SUSHINE rain. It’s so nice to have a day where I don’t sweat buckets.

Come on Texas, it’s September! Can there be a year where we have normal seasons?


2 thoughts on “FO – Eva

  1. Thank you! It was a great mindless project 🙂

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